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Currently, technological developments are increasing significantly, making several innovations that can make it easier for humans.

However, the Metaverse is nothing new.

Metaverse is one of the innovations that make it easier for humans in the field of technology.

The concept of metaverse is very important to reach. Curious? Read here.

What is Metaverse?

Metaverse can be described as a technological advancement, which makes virtual space possible.

Metaverse has a specific definition. Metaverse is the internet rendered in 3D. The definition of a Metaverse as a virtual environment that you can enter, instead of just looking at the screen.

It’s an endless community of interconnected virtual worlds, where people can do. various activities such as working, meeting, playing using virtual reality earphone, augmented reality glasses, smartphone applications and or other devices.

In this virtual space, the user or users can explore their own version of the world.

Metaverse is a combination of the real world (real) and the virtual world combined into one.

And in the world of Metaverse there are 3-dimensional objects that we can feel, these are called Artificial Intelligence (robots that help human life), Augmented Reality (the virtual world is brought to the world of reality) and Virtual Reality (virtual world).

These three things, namely AI, VR and AR will form the Metaverse.

This world can certainly be used with other fellow internet users. Through Metaverse, users and users are not required to be in the same physical space as other users. They just simply “enter” into the world of the metaverse.

In the metaverse, you can do things like go to virtual concerts, shopping, doing some trips or travel online, seeing art installation and try on digital clothing or makeup to try on before buying.

Metaverse can be useful as a game-changer for remote activities from home or work from home in the midst of a pandemic.

This can be a solution, not only can work remotely with colleagues in a video call platforms such as video conferencing applications, employees also can work together closely in a virtual office.

Get to know Metaverse Indonesia

Metaverse Indonesia collaborates with various companies, technology companies that develop hardware, companies engaged in tourism such as events, tourism & hotels.

They themselves also plays a role in developing modules to activate Metaverse infrastructure services needed by consumers such as individuals and companies.

Collaborating with Kominfo to build Metaverse Indonesia and aims to provide benefits to the wider community.

There are public services, administration and facilitating the community in digital public services.

Fyi, the man behind Metaverse Indonesia is Mr. Michael Budi, CEO and Co-founder of Metaverse Indonesia.

It is hoped that with Metaverse, administrative and digital processes can run more quickly and systematically.

In addition, Metaverse also works for digital tourism, not only domestically but also internationally.

It is hoped that with Metaverse, it can provide jobs for the community digitally.

Not only that, it can also make it easier for the public if they want to visit various places such as public centers, tourist attractions, so they can feel different digital sensations.

This can also help the Indonesian economy, especially in the field of digitalizations.

So, through this understanding, it is hoped that in the future Metaverse will help and facilitate the work and activities of the community.

So, are you ready to live with the virtual world?

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