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PT. Mahakarya Adi Indonesia
Plaza Galeon, 8th Floor Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav. 8 - 9, Jakarta Pusat 10230 - Indonesia
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+6221 3000 7881
With a strong history in the industry, TIGER is constantly innovating to deliver reliable and durable products. By combining technological sophistication and attention to detail, TIGER is committed to improving your quality of life with every product they produce.
Retail Product
2018 - 2023
Service Provided
Digital Ads Performance
Digital Asset Development
Digital Communications Strategy


During the maintenance process there were no problems which meant everything was running smoothly


Made their microsite more informative, appealing and make more interactive content, also digital activities to attract/engage more audience (Ex. Giveaway) (Indonesia only)


Through our efforts, we have successfully transformed the TIGER microsite into a more informative and engaging one, providing more interactive content and digital activities, such as giveaways, which have increased engagement with fans in Indonesia. We are committed to continuing to expand the understanding of TIGER products and make your experience more immersive and memorable.

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